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SATURN-Zentren in der Ukraine
EU project of the AWO

Return of illegal migrants in their home country Ukraine

The Heimatgarten-Büro "Freiwillige Rückkehr von Flüchtlingen und humanitäre Reintegration“ (Bureau for voluntary return of refugees and humanitarian reintegration) der Arbeiterwohlfahrt (AWO-Bremerhaven) with a considerable support from the European Union begins now with a project for the voluntary return of Ukrainian refugees who are living illegally in Germany.

The Saturn project (Social Assistance, Return and Support Networking Project for the Ukraine) is set up for a time span of 18 months. According to Volker Tegeler, managing director of the AWO Bremerhaven and project coordinator of Heimatgarten, “This great project with EU back up will transfer a lot of money which will among others be used to create new places of work”.

The programme is aimed at the target group of the European Refugee Fund as well as all other Ukrainian migrants who live in Germany without a legal permission of residence. This includes for example the victims of human trafficking, people without any identification or with a exhausted (visitor) visa, labour migrants, elderly or ill people or unattended minors who want to return into their country of origin. Some of these people are not living voluntarily in Germany, but lack the possibilities to return in to the Ukraine on their own.
With this project, Heimatgarten supports also Ukrainian refugees who are already in custody pending deportation.

The program includes the organisation of the return as well as the support of the founding of a new existence and professional qualification in the country of origin and offers assets for medical care or financial starting assistances. The voluntary returnees also receive housing allowances and further welfare services.

To support the returnees individually to allow them to begin the reintegration process in their homeland autonomously and successfully, Heimatgarten develops a migration competence centre in Odessa, Ukraine, as well as in other cities, creates a network of migration assistants and offers a training program about the topic of migration for social workers.

“We have already helped many refugees to regain a foothold in their old home country. Now, this is our first project targeted on illegal migrants who live in Germany in a shadowy existence without any rights, but who also have especially hardships to return home on their own,” reports Volker Tegeler.

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